About us

MMS (MMS Membrane Systems AG) is a growth company providing core capabilities, based on membrane technology that enable the food, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry to set up new industrial processes and products.

MMS provide novel processes for the separation, fractionation, purification or isolation of all classes of molecules within the life sciences.

MMS designs processes and manufactures all sizes of turn-key systems in-house. A customer relation normally starts with a detailed description or "half a litre" of a sample.

We first screen the fluid on our laboratory membrane units, analyse the performance, and send back the processed samples. The performance data are revised by our engineers for the layout of a specific system.

We manufacture all systems under GMP (ASME BPE 1997) and with regard to the hygienic standards required. The systems are shipped and installed worldwide, fully automated and with a performance guarantee.

MMS was founded in 1995.

MMS provide membrane systems for the food, biopharmaceutical and wastewater industries. We are equipped to work on all size systems from pilot to industrial installations.

In the last 10 years we have developed several processes and systems allowing us to build up an extensive know-how in membrane technology. The MMS infrastructure, with laboratory, engineering, assembling plant and construction facility allows us to deliver complete solutions.

We also offer our membrane know-how and laboratory as a service to enable our customers to rapidly screen and evaluate the potential of membranes for their product and process.

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