MMS Membrane Systems AG is a growth company providing core capabilities, based on membrane technology that enable the dairy, food, plant, extract, biopharmaceutical, and chemical industry to set up new industrial processes and products.

MMS have been designing processes and manufacturing all sizes of turn-key systems in-house since 1995.

A customer relation normally starts with a detailed description or "half a litre" of a sample.

If the application is new, we first screen the fluid on our laboratory membrane units, analyse the performance, and send back the processed samples.

The performance data are revised by our engineers for the layout of a specific system.

The construction of the units are completed in our workshop by our skilled fabrication team using the latest welding technology. Our Automation and electrical team ensure that the units are electrically installed according to the correct norms and automated to the highest level.

The systems are shipped and installed worldwide, fully automated and with a performance guarantee.

Finally our service team ensures that our systems are always running. We have a stock of membranes fro rapid replacement and with our remote access software tools can support our customers anywhere and with minimal downtime.