As versatile as extracts are, as diverse are the possible applications of membrane technology in the extract sector:

Whether concentrating, fractionating or sterilizing extracts, there is almost no limit to the specific membrane selection and ideal process conditions for the respective application.

Microfiltration is applied in extract clarification and sterilization, for example with the help of ceramic membranes.

Ultrafiltration and Nanofiltration are widely used for macro-molecule concentration, fractionation, de-salting and small molecule concentration.

Reverse osmosis for concentration of extracts at moderate temperature. For all these applications, the membranes used can be spiral wound modules on polymeric basis.

MMS has many years of experience and know-how in all fields of extracts:

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Extraction of Protein from Grass

Industrial-scale extraction and purification of RuBisCo*) protein isolate for human nutrition by means of MF, UF, and NF.

  • Production of human-grade protein
  • Gentle processing preserving protein structure
  • Reduced energy costs

*) RuBisCO is the key photosynthetic enzyme in green leaves of plants and is considered the most abundant protein present on earth.

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Natural Colour Concentration

Customer-specific solutions for algae, elderberry, purple carrot, red cabbage, cherry juice and many more.

  • Selective enrichment of different colour compounds by NF or RO to produce products with high colour intensity
  • Gentle processing of sensitive products for high quality
  • Suitable for aqueous solutions and solvents

Clarification of Natural Colorants

Purification of natural colour pigments from plant extracts using open membranes

  • Debugging & clarification of natural extracts
  • Avoidance of thermal processes
  • Enables an increase of product shelf life and quality

Coffee Extract Concentration

  • Concentration up to 35-40% by NF/RO
  • High retention levels
  • Allows for reduced acidity in concentrate
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Reduced evaporator costs

Coffee Condensate Reuse

  • Condensate water reuse
  • Recuperation of energy
  • Pre-treatment to ensure reliable RO treatment

Juice and Extract Concentration

Low operating temperatures of the membrane systems ensure that no off-tastes are formed during the concentration phase.

  • Energy-saving concentration of juices and essences with RO at low temperatures

Aroma and Fragrance Concentration

  • NF/RO allows to concentrate aroma compounds in extracts
  • Operation at low temperatures for high quality products

Blood Extract

  • Blood serum concentration with UF
  • Blood serum colour reduction with MF

Yeast extract clarification or concentration

  • Clarification by MF or UF to produce crystal clear yeast extracts
  • Complete removal of turbidities
  • Concentration up to 15-20% TS by RO
  • Reduced evaporator costs

Wheat Extract Clarification

  • Clarification of wheat extract with MF
  • Concentration of wheat extract with RO to reduce evaporator costs

Chicken Extract

  • Broth clarification with MF and UF
  • Extract concentration with RO/NF
  • Reduced evaporator costs

Fish Protein and Gelatine

  • Pre-treatment of fish protein and reduction of fish odour
  • Increase of protein content to 20-25 % TS
  • Increase of gelatine concentration