Industrial Water

Water is becoming a more expensive utility and in some areas clean water becomes increasinly scarce. Many companies will face a sharp rise in water costs, hence a reduction of water usage or a re-use of water is a financially and ecologically attractive proposition.

MMS have worked within industrial wastewater in order re-use or reduce factory water.

Condensate Water Recovery

Reverse osmosis systems can be used to treat condensate water for its re-use withinthe fatory as process or CIP water. Pre-treatment steps are required to ensure the optimum rejection of small molecules such as organic acids and aromas.

Paper Factory - Wastewater Treatment

A paper factory consumes considerable amounts of water. MMS MF-NF/RO process allows for the recovery of 90% of the wastewater.

Salad Factory - Wash Water Recovery

Wash water from sala factories can be nanofiltered for the removal of micro molecule impurities prior to re-use. Considerable water savings can be made.

Sweetener - Wastewater Reduction

Sweeteners in wastewater streams yields extremely high levels of COD. With Nanofiltration MMS can selectively recover sweetners reducing COD levels whilst allowing the ptential of teh re-use of valuable raw material.

Oily Wastewater Treatment

Oily wastewater can be treated with membranes in order to reject oil and allow water to pass to the permeate stream.