3. March 2017


Add value to your whey: MMS AG launches MolkeMAX

In recent years, MMS AG has been working on the development of the MolkeMAX, a unique reverse osmose system for cheese manufacturers to concentrate around 5,000 to 20,000 liters of whey per day. With this filtration a big amount of the water in whey is separated and high-quality ingredients such as protein, lactose and minerals are concentrated.

MolkeMAX Advantages: processing of whey into valuable animal feed, saving of transport costs, easy operation, low investment costs, production of water, reduction of waste water, automatic cleaning

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23. November 2016

Launch of systems in 2016

MMS FlatCell range has been enlarged 2016

MMS have developed and installed a larger range of flatcells. The larger cells are able to be operated up to 60 bar with a single flatsheet membrane of 28 cm2, 100 cm2 and 300 cm2.

In combination with increasing the cell size we have also developed and delivered new laboratory units which incorporates a high pressure piston pump traditionally used for HPLC units. This gives our customers the ability to test high pressure membrane applications without the need for compressed Nitrogen.

22. November 2016


MMS Complete delivery and installation of Biopharma TFF unit 2016

MMS have successfully designed, delivered and installed a large TFF UF unit at a customer in the Baltics for the production of a protein based pharmaceutical product. The supply included a 1500 L jacketed tank and a two large cassette filter units. The system is fully automated according to GAMP requirements and was delivered with all the necessary documentation to support our customer with a rigorous DQ, IQ, OQ process.

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1. October 2015

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