29. October 2021

MMS Triple System with ceramic option

Versatile and flexible laboratory system for quick evaluation of concepts

At MMS, we are continuously improving and rethinking our systems, and we have recently upgraded the Triple System with an option for ceramic membranes.

The MMS Triple System is an easy-to-use batch laboratory membrane device for microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis operations.

The Triple System is ideal for testing of applications such as fractionation, purification, clarification, and concentration of molecules on lab-scale prior to upscaling.

New ceramic option

The standard Triple System is based on a uniquely designed polymer flat-sheet cell for crossflow membrane testing up to 40 bar, and as a new feature, we now offer a kit with ceramic MF/UF membranes, ideal for e.g., clarification of fermentation broth. The kit includes additional flow meter for crossflow regulation, as well as permeate pressure transmitter and permeate pressure control valve for TMP regulation.

It may be possible to adapt the new ceramic kit to earlier models of the Triple System; please contact us for details.

Key Features

  • Speed control of circulation pump for variable membrane crossflow velocity
  • High operating pressures
  • Rapid screening of up to 3 membranes simultaneously
  • Cooling/heating jacket on tank for temperature regulation
  • Wide range of membranes available
  • Optional ceramic test cell
  • HMI interface with data logging

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