MMS has an engineering service dedicated to membrane systems and their integration into a production process.

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Complete Engineering Package

MMS has supplied the complete engineering package for a number of processes both in dairy and food industries. MMS delivers the complete process line including:

  • Process concept
  • Process verification at laboratory and pilot scale
  • PID drawings of complete line
  • Equipment and unit operation sizing
  • Insourcing of unit operations (separators, centrifuges, evaporators, drying and packaging lines)
  • Automation and software for complete processing line
  • Project management
  • Warranty of the complete process line

Custom Engineered Systems

MMS can adapt our standard membrane systems to your specific product and process requirements. For unique systems or new processes the MMS team is the correct partner.

  • Special membrane module selection for your product and process requiments
  • Specific standards (ATEX, FDA, etc)
  • Specific feed pre-treatment (rotating filter, decanting, etc)
  • Specific capacity